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My eBooks are a commentary on the human condition and ask the question “After six and a half thousand years of what we call civilisation why are we still doing the same old things the same old way and expecting a different outcome?” I explore this question in areas such as science, religion, spirituality, economics and any other area where I can ask ‘What if we tried something different?” My work is about looking at everything in an alternative manner to see if the things we think we know are valid. In style I walk the middle ground between academia and uniformed opinion. It is the middle ground where the essence of an issue resides.

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Pitfalls Godmaking Alternative Jesus Alternative Genesis Alternative Relativity Divine Pattern Genesis and Janus Wonder of Us

The Pitfalls

of a spiritual Journey.

A commentary on Mein Kampf

The Pitfalls of a spiritual Journey is temporarily unavailable. It is being revised and expanded.

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Frank Herbert


Frank Herbert was a writer of science fiction. Some of epic proportions such as the Dune series and other little books that seem to be just to be trashy little science fiction. One of these minor looking books The Godmakers lays out a very strong form of spirituality that is uniquely Herbert without appearing to none spiritual readers as being anything more than a good little sci-fi tale. I have used The Godmakers as a base for my commentary because it is the one Frank Herbert book where his hidden style of spiritual teaching come closest to being visible. If a reader read The Godmakers and saw the spiritual key, and then read the Dune series Dune takes on a whole new meaning and vibrancy.

I see Frank Herbert as a very spiritual writer who hid his spiritual message within the books in a way that gave the message without appearing to give the message. It was such a subtle technique that it was a while before I noticed the significance of the way he opened each chapter. Frank Herbert lessons, if that was his intent, was not the normal spiritual lessons that our found in the standard form of spiritual teaching. Each chapter in books written by Frank Herbert begins with a quotation, usually from some fictitious source that gives the spiritual lesson of the chapter. There are no chapter titles or numbers just a quotations to signify the purpose of the next section. This might seem strange at first but is a style that seems natural to the writings of Frank Herbert. The 'chapter' continues the story, but at the same time illustrates the spiritual lesson.

In this commentary I have written from my understanding and can never claim that I can read the mind of Frank Herbert. We have commonalities in our understanding and I hope that is enough to get close to Frank Herbert’s intent. It does seem Frank Herbert did have a unique and deep understanding of spirituality. It is a spirituality of texture, colour and depth unlike the regurgitated populist mass produced spiritualism of the more common spiritual readers, and the style of presentation is without equal.

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Alternative Jesus

Alternative Jesus

The story of Jesus presented to us by mainstream Christianity is one that has been sterilized to the point that it now bears little resemblance to the events that actually took place. The reason for this could be that for more than one hundred years after the death of Jesus, the Gospels were an oral tradition. Another reason for the sterilization of Christianity was a deliberate campaign to eliminate anything that did not conform to an “official” party line. To allow the possibility of the first alternative is being very generous; the overwhelming evidence is that anything that did not conform to a very narrow view of Christianity was eliminated from official dogma in the first four hundred years after the death of Jesus:

Alternative Jesus takes the Gospel of Matthew as the story line and interweaves this with the politics of the day. When seen in a political context the attitudes of Jesus and the Pharisees becomes meaningful. If Jesus had not been stopped he would have destroyed the Jewish religion and he had to be eliminated if the Pharisees were to survive. This is a story of plot and counter-plot, intrigue, power struggles and murder. Ironically the Pharisees killed Jesus but in doing so created Christianity.

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Alternative Genesis

Alternative Genesis

Alternative Genesis is a collection of three essays. The first essay, The Many Gods of Israel asks the following questions about the Jewish Nation. How can the race/nation/religion of Judaism produce people of great magnificence but at the same time create death and mayhem on a massive scale? The surprising answer is that the 'one God' of the Jews is a montage of many gods and any one of the gods can be picked at any time to justify whatever needs to be justified. This is not confined to the Jewish nation because Christians have inherited this montage of gods in the form of their Old Testament and the followers of Islam do the same with their montage.

The second essay, The Garden of Eden Incident is a ‘What If’ essay. What if the story of Adam and the woman in the Garden of Eden has nothing to do with religion? What if the Garden of Eden incident is a story illustrating totally different to original sin. The Garden of Eden Incident take one such alternative, the possibility that Adam and 'the woman' illustrate the psychological evolution of the human race? Something happened to the human race about 4500BCE that caused a major change in direction. The human race spontaneously invented what we call 'civilisation.' Dating the Garden of Eden from writings such as The Book of Jubilees the explosion of civilisation happened at about the same time as Adam and the woman succumb the the advances of the serpent. Are the two events related or is it just coincidence.

The third essay, Enoch and the Watchers, is a commentary on part of the Book of Enoch that fills the massive gaps in Genesis about the sons of God succumbing to the charms of human women, and Giants that walked the earth, the Satans, Noah and the flood, and the nature of God as a physical entity. Enoch and the Watcher is a commentary with no attempt to judge if it is a true account or just a story that would make a great Star Wars pre-sequel.

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Alternative Relativity

Alternative Relativity

Science is a method of study that can be applied to any area of life provided that it is possible to have a unique hypothesis coupled with a unique null hypothesis. It also has strict rules of 'believability' and 'falseability.' These conditions are extremely hard to meet but must be met if something is claimed to be scientific. Also, research must be related to the hypothesis and only the hypothesis. The bottom line is that there are very few things that can be studied in a truly scientific manner.

Trying to make science all things to all people dilutes the enormous contribution science could make to the human condition. Without strict vigour Science becomes nothing more than a call to a higher power to support unsupportable positions.

Alternative Relativity challenges the science surrounding many areas that are taken for granted by todays science by question the basis they are built on. We learn over time and what was true fifty years ago may not now be true based on the growth of understanding. The conclusion is that we now 'know' virtually nothing, what we don't know is increasing every day and scientists are increasingly looking at previously 'unclean' areas such as metaphysics to make sense of physical existence. This is not a religious book, but it does question the reality of maintaining a hard boundaries between science and metaphysics.

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Divine Pattern

The Divine Pattern

The Divine Pattern explores levels of consciousness. It also contends that there is a dynamic balance in the Universe that every time the slightest change happens the everything has to change to maintain balance. The dynamic balance is explored in relation to various aspects of the human condition and what happens when it is out of Balance.

This is a book that I wrote before I understood chaos theory and did not realise at the time that I was describing chaos theory. The smallest change changes everything. There is nothing we can do that will not change the future. The seemingly insignificant event of a woman of colour refusing to give her seat on a bus to a white man triggered the human rights movement in the USA. This is a book about being aware of how every little move and decision has the potential of changing not only our live but also the world.

This a book written in a new age style that reflect where I was at the time. For those with scientific leanings the process I am describing fits with the dictates of Chaos theory and is an example of how science and metaphysics can be the same thing using different words.

The Divine Pattern is the first in a trilogy. The second book of the trilogy Genesis and Janus is available on this page. The third book, God Wants to be Human has been discontinued because it's contents have been superseded by later writings.

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Genesis and Janus

Genesis and Janus

The evidence from man's past record and from contemporary brain research both strongly suggest that at some point during the last explosive stages of the biological evolution of homo sapiens something went wrong; that there is a flaw, some potentially fatal engineering error built into our native equipment more specifically, into the circuits of our nervous system which would account for the streak of paranoia running through our history. This is the hideous but plausible hypothesis which any serious inquiry into man's condition has to face.

(Arthur Koestler, 1978)

Throughout history humanity has self-destructed just at the point of touching Divinity. Every time humanity seems to be about to take a step forward it slips back into the dirt it came from. This self-destructive streak is known as the Janus effect.

Janus, the Roman god with two heads, each looking in the opposite direction to the other. The human race is Janus. We have one head looking at Divinity and one looking at the satanic. When we are about to touch Divinity our satanic head pulls us back into the dirt. Genesis and Janus explores the Janus effect in different areas of human existence.

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The Wonder of Us

The Wonder of Us

What genre' of book is the Wonder of Us?

The closest would be that it is a sort of cosmic Mills and Boone love story, but it is much more than that. The best of describing Wonder of Us is to read a page.

I have spoken of emptiness, but what of fullness?

Fullness is the businessman who sees a world built on money and seeks to buy my soul with an illusion.

Fullness is the General who sees enemies in every corner.
And seeks to make my soul fear enemies that do not exist.

Fullness is the Politician who seeks the illusion of power and calls it democracy.
And wants my soul to vote for him.

Fullness is the priest who tells me how to seek God ‘out there’.
When I already know God within the emptiness of my soul.

Fullness is the ‘Guru’ who speaks truths to guide me to ‘Nirvana’.
While a teacher of truth speaks empty words so that I can see my truth in them.

And what of the prophet Gibran?
The empty words of an empty man made full by the fullness of the night.

Fullness is the feminist who want me to write in ‘gender non-specific’ words.
And deny my soul its sexuality.
Then seeks to tell me who I should be.
But her in her fullness is blinded to who I am.

Fullness is the lover who wants me to satisfy her desire,
And justify her desire by calling it my lust.

Fullness is the fashion magazine that tells my lover what she must look like if I am to find her desirable.
If the fashion magazine could show my lover what my soul finds desirable the pages would be blank.

If I could use words that were not full this book would be empty.
And then critics would fill those words with the emptiness of their interpretations.

Fullness is the advertising that seeks to fill my soul with the illusion of what I need and must have.
While my soul already has everything it needs, and everything it wants, emptiness.

Fullness is the miner who sees the world as another hole in the ground, and does not see the emptiness of the hole.

Fullness is the radical who see the world as another cause.
And wants my soul to fight their cause for them.

Fullness is invasion of my being.

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