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Yosef Albric is a pen name. I use it purely for Google page ranking. My real name is very common and if I ‘Google’ it I get 72.3M hits with my first appearance on page 50. Using Yosef Albric gives me the first three pages to myself.

I was born on the edge of a military airfield in the middle of a world war, which was not a good idea, and formed the opinion at an early age that the human race was insane. This is a basic philosophy that has coloured my writings throughout my life.

Age 9

I cannot claim to have had a particularly deprived childhood. I always had shelter, sufficient food and clothing but England at the time was a traumatised country trying to recover from a World War which led to another attitude I have retained throughout my life: an allergic reaction to the extreme right wing politics that cause the war in the first place.

This does not make me a socialist, just someone opposed to extreme right politics. There is no place in Australia for ideologies that promote fear, hate and greed. Readers of my Wordpress blog or followers on Twitter will be aware of my opposition to the state of Australian politics as it is today. I am not political as such, but I have a strong belief in democracy and that democracy no longer exists in Australian politcs.

When I migrated to Australia I discovered that a real education was available to me. In England I belong to a section of society where a good job was working on the assembly line at the Ford Motor Company factory at the bottom of the road. The result was that I went to the University of WA and graduated in Architecture. I may not be a socialist but I do thank Gough Whitlam everyday for my education.

After I graduated, and was working as an architect I returned to university to study for a Masters of Business Administration, which I never completed because after completing the core units I had to admit I was really not interested in business.

Age 13

This was because of the general attitude of the course that reinforced my opinion that the human race was crazy. The general thrust of the MBA course, how to screw your competitors before they screw you, did not fit with my basically humanist nature. Instead I found myself drawn to writing, something that I had been a part of my life from childhood.

The difference was that my writing now had a focus. I wanted to understand why a species like the human race that is capable of playing amongst the stars spends its time grovelling in the gutter of war, greed and poverty?

The general form of my writings is to ask the question ‘What if?’ There are many things we think we know and understand, but ‘what if’ we stand back and do away with what we think we know to see if there are alternative meanings. Three of my books have titles that begins with ‘Alternative’ as an indication that the contents are an alternative meanings without claiming that alternative meaning to be true. To me nothing is true because what is true today will prove not to be so tomorrow.


I treat everything as an idea because ideas can change and develop whilst truth is fixed and stays with us long after its use-by date. I began writing in a ‘New Age’ style because that was where I was at the time I quit my MBA studies, but I have moved on several times since then to an ever changing style that retains the basic anchor ‘What if?’ It is not my place to judge where people are in their life so some of my new age books are still on my site. The reason I say some is that if I can still relate to what I wrote at the time even if I would have written it differently today it stays on my site. I haven’t dumped any of my early concepts but ideas change and develop and this is how I like to see my life and writings: continually changing and developing.

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